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Response to Boston City Hall Plaza RFP

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Boston City Hall Plaza RFP Response

Our vision and plan is simple. We are going to approach each area of City Hall Plaza as its own neighborhood and create a safe, engaging, accessible, and unique environment within each neighborhood. Essentially we are more clearly defining what occurs naturally on the plaza, and reaching out to the public to help revitalize theses spaces.

     The plaza hosts about 60 events of various shapes and sizes throughout the year, from flag raising ceremonies to multi stage concerts, and accommodates the needs and context for so many groups throughout the city. It is the essential function of Boston City Hall Plaza to serve the people, and that partnership should remain intact.

     Our vision is for three years. All of the components we are proposing will be either donated, repurposed, recycled, or reused after that time. The ideas enclosed herein essentially constitute a three year pop-up plaza, and the hope is that we can create a unique experience for the millions of people who traverse its hardscape every year. 

     This project presents an incredible opportunity - What if we brought together the local trades, businesses, families, universities, and institutions to create a new Boston City Hall Plaza experience? What if we could pay our highest respect to our Veterans, and remind people of the resilience of the human spirit? What if we could build a garden filled with music along the soundtrack of our city? What if we had a place to picnic, a place to gather, a place to sing, and a place to eat? What if we took the time to showcase the stories of our storied town? 

What would that look like?