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the Painter Without Borders

The Painter Without Borders Program was established in 2016 when an established art therapist teamed up with a local artist and grass roots non-profit to create a pop-up studio in the heart of the cancer community at Massachusetts General Hospital. What began as a one time spontaneous celebration of color, texture, and energy has become a weekly mainstay at two of the country’s most established hospitals. The concept is simple - Art is a universal language, it can bridge cultural boundaries and facilitates healing. By setting up an easel, this pop-up studio opens the door to meaningful interactions with patients, families, doctors, nurses, and volunteers in any setting, at any moment. 


The Painter Without Borders program is currently seeking personal support and corporate sponsorship to allow us to bring our unique brand of art therapy to more people. For us, ever dollar directly helps us expand the program and ensure we have the supplies and materials needed to reach the most people possible. 

Our setup is simple, and our process is fun and engaging. Most people ‘step into’ the studio and just watch and chat, providing an unexpected distraction to the routine and clinical nature of their treatment, and their day.

You can find the Painter Without Borders every Wednesday at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center usually in the Yawkey Building (11-5) and every Thursday at the Boston Medical Center Cancer Center, usually in the Moakley Building (11-5), and at various other venues and events throughout the year.


Thanks to WGHB Arts Editor Jared Bowen and his team for spending the afternoon at our pop-up studio at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center and casting a beautiful spotlight on how art can bring hope and healing to the cancer community.

You can find the interview by clicking here.